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About I & We

India's Only PhyGital (Physical + Digital) module of Pre-Hands On- Post engagement experience with Industrially resourced requirements , turned into viable skill notions with direct performance indexing in sync with the industries themselves.

A Patented software (based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) portal for pre learning the exquisite requirements of an Industry Vertical , which encompasses a reverse engineering mechanism of turning a job profile requirement into an Industry oriented Education Experience. Each of these experiences is a combination of Learning-Practice-Assessment Cycles with variability of content format and dynamically rearranging content delivery to the learning student. The integration of the Portal with Physical simulations of Hardware requirements (again with Hardware based AI integration) as well as a "First of A kind" Question Forum - which enables dynamic query resolution with a "guaranteed period of 15 minutes" enabling continuity of online interaction and seamless transition of modules.

A dedicated, smart (per hour updating), profile-based dashboard for targeted recruitment (for Employers) and entrepreneurial leverage (for incubators and accelerators) of students who are skilled, peer matched and analyzed for performance index and skill level.

Lack of Industry Level Skills in the Academia of Today. Almost Negligible Peer level readiness or competitive earmarking in the Under graduation and Post graduation courses. Single Perspective (text based) to learning only ( at max extended to videos).

No recognition or behavioral pattern understanding of learning patterns of student (Lack of AI usage in the Online modes of Skill delivery).

Lack of A true pan India, cross spectrum mode of delivery in Education. Huge Demand and Supply (of skilled Resources) Crisis in the Niche Market Areas (like 3D printing , Additive Manufacturing, IoT Based R&D, Building Information Modelling,Energy Management, Cloud, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile , Mobility, Social and Security).

Lack of Mapping of profile of the student to Industrial reckoning/ choices of study. Lack of support on multiple angles of ideation , prototyping and product development ( especially for Engineering and applied Sciences stream of learning).

Lack of true indication of growth metric for a student's learning curve and his interest correlation with the same. Huge issues in infrastructural enablement from the industries for the core industry simulations. Multiple Tiers of colleges churning out "Unemployable" resource bandwidth.

Lack of a single platform of integration for Identification (of smart learning abilities and patterns thereof) to Placement scenario for a skilled resource (if he/she wishes) , or else an entrepreneurial facilitation of nascent ideas).

Lack of confidence of the Industry in the Fresh Academia of Today.

Complete LSTM based machine learning model which enables 97% (established over 67k instances) of the enrolling attendees to complete all learning-practice-Assessment cycles , with multiple changes of perspective, learning module variants and changes of content delivery format. Also, the students who enroll achieve greater acceptance on any of the Machine Enabled decisions on the pre learning exercise.

For courses that are digital (completely, with software simulations for practice - a complete peer level readiness , across various geographies of enrollees and their corresponding performance is documented for and represented in a lucid ever evolving analytical dashboard).

The concept of batch based learning and Industry interventions via widget based support and direct correspondence with guaranteed turnarounds on the portal as well as application touchpoints.

Enabling Industry problem statements via multi format , multimedia based assessments, project logic or prototyping opportunity.

Dashboard centric University level signings for concurrent learning curves starting as early as first year of study.

Ease of access for an AI engine backed Dynamic generator of profiles for the industries with a direct correspondence to their profile requirements. Industry ascertaining and Human resource indexing of quality with a pseudo-H.R. ready to assess the ultimate skills that the individual may have usurped.


Temporal stretch of a minimum of 15 days - 70 HOURS on each topic providing for in depth understanding and assimilation of topics and learnings.

A dynamic Pointer to a scale of vertical readiness at each point of the learning curve for the student. Wherever You are, Whatever You want to learn, for whichever ascertained outcome, i&We is there for you.

Under Graduation students in management, engineering, applied sciences, and product development.
Post Graduation students in management, engineering, applied sciences, and product development.
University/College (Administration level) buyers for concurrent value add , online-offline (simulation based) clients/customers.
K12 and school level administration for integrated programs on Interactive Communications, Practical Context based sciences and Advanced lego based learnings, combined with Mathematical practice as well Game Based Computing content.

To provide a common platform of learning through the perspective of the student and driven by the requirement of the contemporary Industries

The vision is to enable a requirement  driven learning mechanism for the country , with customization, adaptability, and context to learning being at the core of the implementation module. Technology drives it and passions fuel it through.

The philosophy of "PhyGital" delivery in a country is what we aim to enable the learner with. Technology drives the customizations and Human element picks up the improvement angle to facilitate an India Devoid of Divide in access to Learning

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