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Celebrating the colors of OUR Life Building A student perspective in our Education


For students sitting in the remote far east of India, to the institutional intellectualism that resides in our IIT’s. From remote dreams of making it to a high school grade due to constraints of Language to the ability of building the eventual manifestation of Science through models and bots…

 from the core logic of being social to an understanding of mathematics beyond being numbers….from being empowered with a degree to be being enlightened with learning… from being eligible for rejection to being the dream for all employees… from being an India of divide in education to one devoid of it..let’s envision a platform, one of a kind, perhaps the only “PhyGital” platform of Learning that India has ever seen…
Science which sees the famous six of M.S Dhoni (world cup final, 2011) as a manifestation, builds over it the ideals of physics integrating it with biological consolidation ultimately culminating into the art of telling stories to teach lessons for life, science, technology, engineering and beyond…. rings a bell?? 

Social Science delivered through issues , issues which cater to hindsight, hindsight which is developed virtually, organically and behaviorally across topics ranging from droughts and earthquake at Latur to Human trafficking in and around the world, to the apathy of educationalist and honest personale towards politics via the same platform of delivery… sounds interesting??

JAVA through “Sherlock Holmes” yet understood through a plank of command prompt, driven across via an info graphic, taught through a live simulation and prototyped via an application which understands itself … still wanting more???


Science and Engineering graduates being able to build a fairy resume, with a strong personale, arsenalled  with qualities of automation, abstraction of code prowess , assimilation OF the know how of today, yet offering a niche of possibilities ( IoT, Cloud computing, Analytics, Mobility, Security ,Social interfacing /Marketing, Building Information Modelling and much more) ….

Add to it the charm of actually understanding the need of the student, categorizing his strengths without the intervention of human bias, putting the onus of packaging to machine learning which behaviorally understands the  choices we all have and the questions that we might pose… if all of it could have been made realizable through “one platform of dreams” wouldn’t it have been the greatest innovation of all time ? 

Well if the answer is yes, and if the dream is to see an India devoid of divide in education  , we present to you an attempt to revamp the way we see Education Experiences in India , its passive mode of outlay and the eventual lack of objective ,we at i&We intend to give you a “Phygital” model of domain based value add ons for the student community that you so enterprisingly cater to. For once let’s make our students the epicenter of all our efforts in education , lets give them a platform in which they are readied for domains, allowed to experiment,fostered to question (with the help of apps/clouds and machine based training of teachers) outperform and eventually cater to requirements that they want to be a part of!!

July 9, 2018

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