At colleges, we are in the process of raking up the diluted confidence levels of the Graduating Indian with focus on his/her abilities being mapped to expectations from the industry, Their employment readiness and his acumen for being an Entrepreneur.The process of learning Experience based Skill enhancement has yielded a notion of talent/passion mapping, streamlining the inculcated traits towards proper representation and the eventual preeminent recognitions across industries. With a clear-cut focus on the Industry calibrated vacuums in the academia (especially the Engineering domain of studies) we have curated a set of 134 topics for the students without any bias to any of the tiers in the college level hierarchies of India. We believe in each one of you, the possibilities that you have, the ideas you behold, it’s about time we made them look serious to you and started prototyping, productising and patenting the worthy ones, all in one platform.

To know more about how do we do it, who all are eligible, and what all is there in our basket of offering, just ring up our contacts or ping us through, you may just land up a self-discovery trail.