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Entrepreneurship – From ideation to venture creation.

In this course, you will learn about each step of entrepreneurship from successful entrepreneurs themselves. We will start from defining entrepreneurship and will go till technology implementation in your business. We will understand various important aspects of an entrepreneurial journey like forming a pitch deck, how to do effective pitching in front of investors, how to register your startup, how to market it via online or through the physcial channel or using a blend of both


This course teaches you the stepwise method for being an entrepreneur, in this course all the successful entrepreneurs like the founder of Redbus, Saavan, Snapdeal etc. In this course, you will experience a journey of entrepreneurship, the journey starts from defining what actually is entrepreneurship & its respective categories, then we will discover the market potential for our business then we will learn about Business plan Creation, forming a pitch deck.
Now after the creation of pitch deck our journey moves to acquire funding, for getting the funding you have to pitch among investors, we will learn about effective pitching too. After that, we will learn the legalities in registering your venture and choosing the right partner, after that we will learn about technology implementation in your business in order to maximize your growth and profit, how to implement the idea of growth hacking in your business through industry standard digital marketing, physical channel sales or hybrid of both.

Course Curriculum

Introduction of the course. 00:04:00
Briefing about this entrepreneurial journey.
Conception Of Entrepreneurship - The journey of making your empire begins.
What is Entrepreneurship? 00:06:00
Present Business Scenario 00:10:00
In our country, each day the government is putting efforts to enhance the startup culture among citizens. In this unit, we will learn about various initiatives by government or banks for uplifting your startup.
Identifying and assessing your idea 00:15:00
Finding your idea on the basis of problem statement 2250:37
Identifying target segment and market sizing. 00:15:00
In this unit, students will learn about the market sizing and customer segmentation for setting up his own venture.
Top Down approach for assessing your market size. 00:12:00
In this unit, the student will learn about Top - Down approach for market sizing
Bottom up approach for assessing your market size. 00:07:00
Bottom-Up approach for market segmentation is discussed.
Paired Comparison Analysis 5, 00:00
Finding your target Customer 00:07:00
Customers are the most important thing for a business, and finding the target customer for your business type is also an methodical work
5-Question Framework 8, 00:00
Designing your start-up plan and art of representation.
Make your business plan. 00:15:00
Break-Even Analysis is a must thing to do for a startup venture. In this unit, we will be discussing Break-Even analysis
Create your own Business Plan 2, 00:00
Make your pitch-deck and be investor ready. 00:15:00
A pitch deck is an important thing for an entrepreneur and also for his startup, it should be precise and should contain necessary details about your startup.
The art of Pitch 00:05:00
Communication skill plays an integral role in the corporate world, and even in the startup ecosystem. In this unit, we ill learn how to pitch about your startup.
Understanding legal aspects of start-up.
Basics of legalities – common mistakes to avoid. 00:03:00
Many entrepreneurs do some common mistakes which affect them a lot in the long run, so getting the insight into legal structures of your country beforehand will help you to avoid those mistakes.
Getting your start-up registered. 00:10:00
Aspects related to startup registration.
Understanding taxation for your startup. 00:05:00
In this unit, we will study about taxation for your startup venture.
Compliances of startup registration. 00:06:00
Having an insight of compliances of a startup is a mandatory thing in order to maintain a smooth workflow and to avoid legal trouble.
Registration of Intellectual Property. 00:03:00
Intellectual property registration should be done according to government standards and rules.
Choosing right legal structure for your startup. 00:04:00
Choosing the right lawyer for helping you in legal matters is important in order to avoid difficulties.
Types of contract involved in startup. 00:07:00
Types of contract involved in the startup, and how to get best out of them.
Planning and budgeting your startup financial statement. 00:18:00
Making a detailed and effective financial plan is a necessary thing in order to manage expenses and work on the scalability of the startup.
Company registration in detail Part 1 00:10:00
A startup company needs to be registered in order to seek investor and start selling the product in your market.
Company registration in detail Part 2 00:10:00
A startup company needs to be registered in order to seek investor and start selling the product in your market.
Accumulating the resources - Getting angels for you.
The principles of funding – Phases & Stages. 00:06:00
Funding is an integral thing for making a startup idea s huge success. One needs to know the basics of funding in order to seek an investor for investment
What is a term sheet for investors? 00:03:00
A term sheet is a non-binding agreement setting forth the basic terms and conditions under which an investment will be made
Importance of investors and term sheet. 00:07:00
The term sheet is the document that outlines the terms by which an investor (Angel Investor or Venture Capital Investor also known as VC) will make a financial investment in your company
Understanding the valuation of your startup. 00:05:00
Startup valuation, as frustrating as this may be for anyone looking for a definitive answer, is, in fact, a relative science, and not an exact one.
Understanding Cap Table 07:00:00
A capitalization table (or cap table) is a table providing an analysis of a company's percentages of ownership, equity dilution, and value of equity in each round of investment by founders, investors, and other owners.
Best way to approach an investor. 00:03:00
Approaching an investor in such a way, he got interested in your work is a necessary thing for getting investment from him for your startup idea.
Market your product.
Basics of Online Marketing 00:10:00
Effective marketing enhances the chance of your startup to have exponential growth. Through effective marketing, you can reach out to your potential customers.

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