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Revit – MEPF

Learn the basics of MEP designing in Revit. This course focuses on the four major trades on MEP engineering – Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire protection.


This course focuses solely on the MEP version of Revit. This course covers the common workflows that can be applied to any trade and also have chapters dedicated to specific trades, which include mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection. 

In this course you’ll learn about the basics of MEPF modelling in Revit. This is often regarded as the most diverse topic of modelling and rightly so, since there are many sub topics in Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire protection. We’ll take an example of a simple architectural model of a housing complex and perform MEPF modelling on the same. The course is subdivided into the four separate verticals for simplicity.

While the videos related to each topic show you one way of achieving a target, the textual explanations showcase multiple other ways of achieving the same. So it’s highly recommended that you go through both of them while practising them by yourself.

In order to complete this course you’ll have to answer all the assessment questions prescribed to the course. At the same time you’ll also have to solve the assignment by downloading the attached files(where applicable) and uploading your solution in the required format. The pre requisites for the course include: working knowledge of Revit and it’s User Interface, basic knowledge of BIM.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the course 00:02:00
Overview 00:15:00
Gives you a brief overview of what, why and how's of Revit MEP.
Setting up 00:25:00
Setting up the Mechanical project.
Adding mechanical equipment 00:25:00
Adding air handling units and similar equipment.
Adding Air Terminal 00:25:00
Adding air terminals to the mechanical project
Creating Duct Systems 00:30:00
Exemplifies different ways of adding ducts to the equipment.
Return duct 00:10:00
Adding return ducts to complete the model.
Setting up 00:30:00
Setting up the Electrical project.
Placing Recepticles 00:20:00
Placing electrical receptacles and GFCIs in the project.
Adding panel and Distribution system 00:30:00
Adding electrical panel and distribution system.
Creating Circuits 00:25:00
Learn the techniques of creating, adding and editing circuits.
Adding Lighting Fixtures & Switches 00:20:00
Describing the ways of adding various host components,
Creating Switching Circuits 00:25:00
Adding switches to a circuit.
Creating Wiring Plan 00:25:00
Adding wires across the various electrical equipment.
Conduit Run 00:25:00
Running a conduit through the project across various elevations and diameters.
Cable Tray Run 00:15:00
Running a cable tray through the project and viewing the project components.
Setting up 00:25:00
Setting up the Plumbing project.
Adding Plumbing Fixtures & Pipes 00:30:00
Creating a callout in the project and adding plumbing fixture and setting out pipes.
Sloped Piping 00:25:00
Adding slopes to the pipes.
Adding Floor Drain 00:11:00
ways of adding floor drain
Adding Additional Equipment 00:20:00
learn the ways of adding additional equipment and changing routing solutions.
Creating System 00:30:00
Creating a system of plumbing equipment.
Fire Protection
Setting Up Sprinkler View 00:15:00
Setting up the sprinkler project.
Adding Sprinkler 00:20:00
Adding sprinkler head to a project
Modelling Mains & Creating Connections 00:25:00
Creating a system of pipes and connecting them to the sprinkler heads to complete the fire protection model.
Revit – MEPF 00:30:00

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