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Kolkata’s First Centre of Excellence Internet of Things ( IoT ) Lab by I and We

Enabling Technology through Realization

The I and We way:

I and We aims to bridge the gap between understanding your capabilities and realizing your aspirations. Furthermore, it believes in providing industry validated, digitally delivered and personalized Digital learning experiences. This will give young, bright aspirants the necessary knowledge to catapult them into a life of innovation. The state of the art CENTER OF EXCELLENCE ( CoE ) lab of the Techno India Group, Kolkata will provide them with the necessary creative freedom to explore their talent. Therefore, Kolkata’s first CoE Lab is dedicated towards IoT research & development for the student community. It is the world of the Internet of Things that they shall imbibe Phygitally. Subsequently, they shall invest their creative and technical prowess to create industry validated solutions at our CoE labs. If they’re ambitious enough, it also provides them the platform to create something that disrupts the current business model altogether.

Why a Center of Excellence Lab?

Autonomy is the aspiration of every creative individual.

It’s the capability to imbibe knowledge and implement the skills obtained from it to create a solution which is as unique as the very individual involved in it. Now we are a step closer to achieving this very dream. The dream to learn, the dream to create. As engineers we wish to be taught the most futuristic concepts. But, then we do not know where we might be able to use that set of skills and how it might help bring about change in the current technological paradigm. We need a platform to prove our skills, and today, Engineering students across a vast diaspora will have access to this very capability. The power of autonomy, hand delivered to you, PHYGITALLY, at your very institution. That is our state-of-the-art CoE labs.

Phygitally transforming the IoT world

The CoE lab in Kolkata is dedicated towards a fundamental concept that I and We aspires to inculcate: LEARN – PROTOTYPE – PRODUCE. The labs are fully IoT enabled and supported via a common cloud. The students are introduced to the theoretical aspects of their domains using digital courses categorized in diverse information levels from Beginner to Advanced. The leap from Advanced to Professional level is exactly where the CoE labs come in action. All of it begins with the very concepts or ideas that were taught during the digital courses. These ideas eventually lead to a unique product. As the final coding or designing occurs, it gets validated and reaches the globally renowned professionals through cloud technology. Is that the end? Nope, the final design can then be tested from an entrepreneurial perspective. Consequently, it would provide the students with an opportunity which is the EAAT by WeCminds.


Thus, the globally connected and locally validated CoE Labs spread across diverse regions of the country enables students with upcoming Technologies like 3D Printing, IoT & BIM. These are skills that every kind of industry is looking forward to. With us, students get a direct connect to Industrial requirements which they can deliver by themselves to the industry. So, are you up for this journey of learning?


These are our industry aligned courses in IoT which will catapult you into this journey:




September 27, 2018

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