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Entrepreneurship – From ideation to venture creation.

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This course teaches you the stepwise method for being an entrepreneur, in this course all the successful entrepreneurs like the founder of Redbus, Saavan, Snapdeal etc. In this course, you will experience a journey of entrepreneurship, the journey starts from defining what actually is entrepreneurship & its respective categories, then we will discover the market potential for our business then we will learn about Business plan Creation, forming a pitch deck.
Now after the creation of pitch deck our journey moves to acquire funding, for getting the funding you have to pitch among investors, we will learn about effective pitching too. After that, we will learn the legalities in registering your venture and choosing the right partner, after that we will learn about technology implementation in your business in order to maximize your growth and profit, how to implement the idea of growth hacking in your business through industry standard digital marketing, physical channel sales or hybrid of both.


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