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Revit – Structure

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In this course you’ll learn about the basics of structural modelling in Revit.

The structure tab has various elements in it which are similar in nomenclature to their counterparts in Architecture tab. But they are very much different to those counterparts.

We’ll begin with the very basics of structural modelling, from setting up grids. We’ll move on to learn about modelling the various structural elements such as columns, slanted columns, step footings, wall footings, strip footings, structural framing members, slabs as well as rebar and area reinforcing.

While the videos related to each topic show you one way of achieving a target, the textual explanations showcase multiple other ways of achieving the same. So it’s highly recommended that you go through both of them while practising by yourself. In order to complete this course you’ll have to answer all the assessment questions prescribed to the course. At the same time you’ll also have to solve the assignment by downloading the attached files(where applicable) and uploading your solution in the required format. The pre-requisites for this course include: working knowledge of Revit and it’s User Interface, basic knowledge of BIM.


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