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I&We – The Sorting Hat in Reality!

I&We proceeds to take small steps into the world of digital teaching. Hence, our team would like to introduce you to the necessity of our courses. You may ask why? Well, our lessons through ‘phyigitality’ would only enhance your capabilities. So that you, become the ‘chosen one’ among others.

Just like Harry Potter was chosen by the house, Gryffindor. After having conflicts with the ‘Sorting hat’. Now, our team gets replaced by the ‘Hat’. As we, put you in the right field. Which would nurture you and bring out the best in you. Indeed, we aren’t the Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But, we could simplify your entangled equations through our ‘digital spells’.

In today’s fast paced life we intend to stick to a strict schedule. This mostly suits our daily requirements. Going beyond the necessities or to push ourselves a bit more threatens our comfort zone. But in the sphere of business and career, the comfort zone comes at a cost. The results are then added as bonus points. Just like, rewards given in Dumbledore’s style- ‘50 points to Gryffindor’! We’ll likely help you add bonuses to your CV.

Let’s now move to the benefits of the choices you make at I&We!

Our courses come under the following genres-Information Technology, Civil, Management Electronics, Electrical, Internet of Things, Personality etc.

A student from any background could enroll for our programs considering the field he or she chooses to get trained in. For genres like IT,Electronics,Civil etc. we believe students from the science department, would likewise choose from our courses. We stress on developing an analytical mind which would be advantageous for students. So that they represent their projects better.

Here are some of our courses offered and their brief information:

  • Cross Application Development & Web Development – Learning to generate an android or an iOS application is something which has engaged the upcoming generation. The need to develop applications by private companies has risen to a great extent. From booking hotels to ordering food, everything has come down to the usage of applications. On the other hand, incase of web development, building an attractive website for upcoming companies is the key representation of themselves. Being a web developer allows you to handle the systematic functioning of the websites. Adding smooth graphics to working with the HTML format. One gets to execute their multitasking skills. Hence, such companies would definitely require individuals specializing in such a field.


  • 3D Printing- This particular program helps in the manufacturing of a physical entity by understanding a digital design. A very creative and interesting way of merging technology with the basics of 3- Dimensional mode of structuring. Getting trained in a 3D printing program as such, enables tech recruiters to entrust you with their future projects.


  • Basic Building Information Modelling – This workshop focuses more on students studying architecture and engineering. The industry looks forward to having fresh graduates who understand the BIM tools. We essentially provide our teachings on this aspect. Hoping to have promising workforce ahead, in architecture and construction.


  • Internet of Things – Being a very innovative space in structuring the world of Internet, IOT presents how Cloud computing aspects uses the Ethernet. Sensor data to Cloud, the benefits of storage and connecting Andruino with Android are certain things you would like to google. These are the quick hacks in understanding how Internet stands beyond the confines of social media.


The above are the few basic courses we engage with, the others are up on our website. Besides, dealing with sciences and IT, we incorporate the art of creative learning too. While the other programs focus on personality and English proficiency development. Which surely would reduce all your hesitance during interviews and public speaking!

You could go ahead and check for our website.  


We hope this article helped you in understanding us better. We shall make sure choosing any of our courses, would add 50+ points to your career. First years from college to Post Graduates, everyone is welcomed to join us.

June 26, 2018

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