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The A++ Paradox

Few years back when I penned down my first poem, my mother was the first to hear it. I couldn’t wait to see her reactions so I read the poem out to her myself, pausing at every comma and exclamation. She hugged me tightly and said it was brilliant. She urged me to write more.

From then on, I wrote several other poems and stories, received various accolades in different school fests and competitions.

I knew I had found happiness.

After my class Xth board examinations I knew I would take up Arts and learn more about the Contemporary English. But my mother forced me into taking up Science. She promised in that taking up Science would open an array of opportunities for me.

In the next two years, my grades were miserable, I did not know where I was going wrong. I studied for extremely long hours but could not understand any of the subjects clearly. My mother had appointed different tutors for different subjects hoping that I would do good. But sadly, the effort was of no good.

And I had stopped writing, I had stopped being happy.

But that was not big a problem.

After my board exam, I took the Joint Entrance Exam. My mother promised that all those difficult subjects would become a bit more interesting. I took the test and with a poor rank got admitted to a tier- 3 engineering college.

In the past 4 years, I have never let my grades be any lower than A or A+.

But does anyone really care about my engineering skills?


Even in the 21st century everybody wants to be part of the rat race.

The race consists of merely two genres:

a. Engineering b. medical

The society wants their next generation to do jobs but never encourages someone to become another JOBs.

Learning has merely turned into rote memorization which encourages cramming up your brains before the examinations and forgetting henceforth.

Success has to be achieved anyhow. But people have forgotten that success is not about the destination, it is about the journey. The journey of creeping up your way from the maze and finding yourself along with reaching greater heights.


    Let every child Dream,
                                        dream Big.

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