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“Victims of Traditions” – “Wings of Possibilities”

Education institutes in India have for long been similar to candle factories. One who has been to such a factory is quite aware how the candle maker heats the wax and pours it into the mould and the candle gets its desired shape. Students, however are not wax, but they are constantly being forced into the same moulds of career options as was available for their forefathers. Thus, a great need for breaking stereotypes arises. 


Students need to be aware of their own caliber and domain of interests irrespective of what revenue it would bring to them in future. A student who has been forced to choose something inappropriate for him to pursue will not be satisfied with his present, let alone the future prospects.

At ‘I&WE’, the aim is to help the students to realize their own passion, utilize their existing knowledge and chalk out their career graph. We want the congregation of literacy and education at its maximum efficiency. It has become extremely eminent for parents to realize that their children are humans and not wax, hence instead of forcing them into moulds we should let them breathe through their passions so that they can achieve their true potential as an individual.

At present, the market demands people who are versatile. It’s required for every individual to have expertise in more than one field. Here the need comes of identifying the second set of talent/skills which would help us build a stronger work profile. Somewhere between “beta kue ka mendhak mat bano” and “beta engineer ya doctor hi banna” , we all grew up. The focus was always on the end product and not on the quality of the process to achieve it.

Let’s educate the students enough so that they can identify and pursue their field of interests. Let’s empower the students to understand the difference between what they ought to do and what they actually want to. Let’s emancipate the students from different walks of life and help them carve their own niche.

Let’s help the parents by making them realize that despite the rat race they are still kids and they need to be nurtured with confidence, courage and communication.


Let ‘I’ndia begin with a new ‘We’. Let’s unite with I&WE.

April 1, 2018

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